We recently held a basic training for Board Members at our Nevada Division. Attendees received an overview of all the basic things one would need to know on rules, roles and how to run a meeting. With such useful information compiled for the event, we thought it would be great to share with those in the Community Association world. We’ve broken it down into bite sized posts you can read through at your convenience and come back to reference if you have any questions! Let’s take a look inside our Board Member Boot Camp, first up: 

What are the roles of Association representatives? 


- The Executive Board is comprised of at least 3 directs, all of whom must be unit owners. 

- This Board elects the Officers. 

- Officers include a President, Secretary and Treasurer. In some cases, one person is permitted to hold two or more offices. 

- Officers serve at the will of the Board. 

- All members must certify within 90 days, that they have read and understand the provisions of the governing documents. 

- Board Members are required to exercise the ordinary and reasonable care of directors of a non-profit corporation. 


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