Yes. The board may delegate authority to the manager and they may also utilize the committee structure to assist them in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Some committees are mandated by the association’s governing documents, usually in the CC&Rs and/or bylaws.


If the governing documents do not require specific committees, the board may create and develop a committee structure to meet the needs of the community. Remember - committees are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the board. The board establishes guidelines, goals and objectives for each committee. These should be reviewed and documented periodically.


As with any responsibility that involves volunteers, it is important to define who does what, how they accomplish the tasks, who is responsible, and to develop a system of rewarding the volunteers. Committee charters (aka job descriptions) are valuable tools to define the necessary structure for association committees.


Here are some basic committee responsibilities:


• Serve at the pleasure of the board.

• Appointed by the board to serve a limited term. (Usually 1 year)

• Set designated meeting times.

• Create the committee meeting agenda.

• Keep accurate meeting minutes to report actions, activities to the board.

• Make requests of the board with proper documentation.


Remember to acknowledge and congratulate committee members on their participation. Effective committees are an effective tool for the association when special projects or tasks need to be completed.