Many think community association management companies are all alike.  And for the most part they are probably right.  This is because most firms try to shoe-horn your community into a “one-size fits all” approach, which makes it difficult to adapt to the changing needs of your community.  The good news for you is that our unique culture is not bound by our office walls.  Each of our local offices are filled with employee owners who are empowered to customize management plans to fit your needs. As we see it, you and your neighbors deserve to have a great experience every time you interact with our staff.


We could go on and on about all the special things we can do for you (and probably will), but let’s define how to know you’re getting the best experience when choosing a management company for your community.


The Contract à You deserve professional management. You expect professional management.  However, the typical industry contract prevents true professional management of your community.  This is because most contracts reflect industry practices and standards that have evolved over many years.  


Essentially, those contacts place all the burdens of managing your community on the shoulders of you and your fellow directors, while absolving management of any and all responsibility, even our own actions.  Clearly that is not in the community’s best interest, does not value your precious time, and certainly does not allow us to demonstrate our professionalism and leadership abilities.


We understand that to be a professional means to take responsibility for the things we do and are responsible for.  It’s as simple as that. 

We are committed to making your time serving on the board as pleasurable and rewarding as possible.  Our new Management Service Agreement is a major step forward towards doing just that.


Community Managers à Due to low barriers to entry, increased competition, little difference in the basic services offered within our industry, and

various economic factors, the community association management industry has become commoditized.  The Result? Community Managers have become reactive instead of proactive towards the needs of the community.  Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone.


How do we combat this in an industry rife with turnover?  Well it’s simple.  We Listen!  It’s one of our best services.  By listening, our Community Managers forge strong relationships with our clients and we gain great insights into the needs of the of the communities we represent.  The rest is Leadership Management.  Think of it this way, Leadership Management is a proactive, quantifiable approach to meeting the goals of the community. The bottom line is we get it done right. 



Risk Protection à Do you have peace of mind knowing your community is actively reducing its exposer to risk and liability?  Do you know what your exposure to risk and liability even is?   Employing risk management best practices is something your community should take seriously, because exposure to financial risks, bodily injury and property damage claims is costly.


Our Trust Risk Assessment and Compliance Program (TRAC), Trusted Partner Program for Service Providers and in house Reserve Study programs are designed to minimize the risk inherent to special projects by creating strict standards for procedures, specifications and insurance to ensure consistent compliance by bidding vendors.  In other words, we’ve got your back.


Power to Influence à The Management Trust is the only 100% employee-owned company in the community association management industry. Structured as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), we are able to offer potential employees something they cannot get at any other firm in our industry; ownership interest in the company. This unique offering allows us to attract and retain the top national talent in community association management.  The Result?  We are simply motivated to think differently, to do more and to do what is right every day.  Add to that a culture that encourages and embraces the unique talents that every employee-owner brings to the table, and you truly get our best efforts and a great customer experience.  We’re good in a different way.  Can your Community Association firm say that?


Gives a call.  We’d love to talk.  But mostly, we’d love to listen.