How to run a board meeting using Robert’s Rule of Order

Board meetings provide a forum for disagreement when well intentioned board members do not see eye to eye on how to run an association. The utilization of Robert’s Rules of Order, the most widely used manual for parliamentary procedure in the United States, is essential to having differing opinions shared in a civil manner.  All too often, boards will not use any form of parliamentary procedure, and board meetings end in screaming matches where little is accomplished. Here is an overview of the rules: 


A motion is a proposal that the entire membership take action or a stand on an issue. Individual members can:

Basic Types of Motions
Presenting Motions


Voting on a Motion


The method of vote on any motion depends on the situation and the by-laws of policy of your organization. There are five methods used to vote by most organizations, they are:


There are two other motions that are commonly used that relate to voting.


Parliamentary Procedure is the best way to get things done at your meetings. But, it will only work if you use it properly.


Most importantly, BE COURTEOUS.

Adapted from: https://robertsrules.org/rulesintro.htm