It’s no secret that every home-owner strives to sell their home in record time, at top dollar, and luck can only get you so far. With careful planning, the proper approach, and a little effort, your home will be sold in no time at a competitive price. The following are six secrets to aid in selling your home.


Selling Secret #1: Make the Most of Your First Impression


It’s true: curb appeal matters. The first thing potential buyers see is your home’s exterior, which provides a snapshot of what they anticipate the inside will look like. The goal is to make people feel welcome and safe as they approach their potential new home. Don’t underestimate the importance of a welcoming entryway. Immaculate landscaping, brightly colored flowers and fresh shrubs will upgrade your home’s initial impression.  Be sure to leave your outdoor lights on incase prospective buyers drive by at night.  Lastly, once inside, create a charming ambiance by displaying a vase of fresh-cut flowers or even some fresh cookies.


Selling Secret #2: Clean and De-Clutter


Now’s the time for the ultimate spring cleaning. Hire a professional cleaning company for a major deep clean. You’ll be moving out soon so start to pack up and donate anything you haven’t used in at least a year. Too much big furniture will make spaces seem smaller. Utilize a storage unit and remove excess furniture as a solution. This will instantly make your home appear bigger and calmer. Potential homebuyers are always seeking ample storage in a home. In order to be prepared for snooping, organize drawers and tidy up cabinets. Remove half of the stuff in your closet and strategically organize what’s left. Remove all knickknacks and take a minimalistic approach to kitchen surfaces, bathroom countertops, decorative rugs and drapery.


Selling Secret #3: De-Personalize


Take the home out of your house. Prospective buyers need to visualize your house becoming their home and it can be difficult for them if all your personal items are displayed. Remove items that makes your home “your” home, such as family photos, religious décor and memorabilia. Maximize the full potential of your house by staging it. Staging means arranging furniture in a way that showcases the floor plan in the best way possible while maximizing the use of space. Another staging trick is to exaggerate the light in your home. Take down drapes, open curtains/blinds/shades and replace old light bulbs. Do what you can to make every room light and bright – it will make your home more sellable.


Selling Secret #4: Don’t Over-Upgrade


Major home makeovers aren’t always necessary since it’s unlikely that you’ll get your money back before putting your home on the market. Alternatively, make small improvements that won’t break the bank but will help you receive top dollar. Replace door knobs and cabinet handles with inexpensive new ones. Adjust closet doors that are off track and fix leaky faucets. Also, a fresh coat of paint will make a huge difference to liven your house. Cover up bright colors and accent walls with warm, natural tones such as light gray, off-white and cream. Creating a neutral color scheme will help buyers envision how they’ll decorate and add their personal touches.


Selling Secret #5: Spread The Word


Tell your neighbors that your home is for sale and invite them to your open house. More often than not they’re the best salespeople for your home because they can vouch to prospective buyers about how much they love the neighborhood. Share your home’s listing on social media platforms - the power of the online network is great for widening your reach. Create a video to post on social media showcasing your home and neighborhood. Make sure to include what you’ve loved about the house and your favorite nearby spots. Knowing the home was adored will help potential buyers imagine their life there and making it their own.


Selling Secret #6: Advertise your HOA or COA


Living in a well-managed community is a huge plus for most people so highlight the perks of your neighborhood. Increased amenities, such as walking trails, sports courts, swimming pools, fitness center, or neighborhood parks are also helpful selling points. HOAs create a friendly and healthy living environment. Many communities take care of landscaping and gardening needs. Social events such as a welcoming party for new residents and block parties create community engagement.