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Employment with The Management Trust promises a significant opportunity for both professional growth and satisfaction in a firm with a national presence, and an opportunity to share in the firm’s success through its unique Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The ESOP provides a powerful wealth creation vehicle for employees, as 100% of the firm’s profits are distributed to it in the form of dividends. Employees achieve vesting in the plan as a reward for their years of service with The Management Trust. Once vested, the employee’s ESOP account continues to accrue value as the firm grows and prospers.

Current career opportunities for all nine of The Management Trust's divisions are listed below.


Become a management firm partner

As part of our national growth strategy, we are looking for other management firms that share our desire to have a positive impact on the community management industry to become our partners. Our ESOP structure promises management company owners much more favorable terms than other traditional exit strategies with dramatically more beneficial tax treatment. Also, we encourage selling management firm owners to continue working with us as we expand into new markets.

To honor the goodwill each management firm partner has worked so hard to achieve, we maintain the firm's local identity to ensure our new partner's legacy remains intact. Once part of The Management Trust, the firm's employees become participants in the ESOP, participate in our Best Practices studies, and benefit from The Management Trust's ginormous depth of resources.

Again, we welcome new management firms to give us a call to talk about joining our supportive network of like-minded professionals and all around good people at The Management Trust.