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5 Security Measures to Keep Your Community Safer

Residents’ safety and wellbeing is the top priority of any HOA and community association management firm. Tacoma homeowners want to feel secure inside their own homes, and there are steps that both residents and HOAs can take in order to ensure that the neighborhood stays as safe as possible. Here are five simple security measures […]

How Can My HOA Help to Prevent COVID-19?

The new age of social distancing is presenting unique challenges for community associations and their residents each day in Aurora. Living in a close proximity and sharing common amenities can bring up worries surrounding the spread of COVID-19 that HOAs couldn’t have anticipated just a few months ago. All around the country, HOAs and their […]

Signs That Your Property Needs to Be Touched Up

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners choose to live in an HOA is because of the consistent, high property values. When you purchase property in a community association, you can be confident that your property value will be stable for years to come. However, this is largely due to the rules put in place […]

Qualities Every Great HOA Board Member Should Have

Every Aurora homeowners association is unique, and so, too, are the board members representing it. Having a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds enables your board to best represent such a diverse group of homeowners. However, there are several qualities that all strong HOA board members will have in common. Leadership Skills As a community […]

Tips For Raising Homeowner Assessments

The last thing that any Aurora HOA board wants to do is raise fees for homeowners. However, it can sometimes be unavoidable if your association’s financial state requires it. Regardless of necessity, though, it’s extremely rare that homeowners will embrace the increased fees with open arms. Concern, confusion, and anger are all common reactions that […]

What to Know When Buying a Home In an HOA

If you’re looking to purchase a new home in the Tacoma area, you may very well find yourself falling in love with a home in an HOA. Properties that are part of a community association often have high curb appeal, making them desirable for homeowners. However, HOAs can raise a lot of questions for prospective […]

Top Benefits of Living in an HOA

Living in an HOA can sometimes be a polarizing topic, as some homeowners don’t understand the value it brings to their property. If you’re a Tacoma resident wondering what value living in an HOA has, consider these top benefits that make HOA neighborhoods some of the most desirable in the Tacoma area. Access to Amenities […]

HOA Terms Everyone Should Know

If you’ve recently joined your Aurora community’s HOA board or have recently moved into a neighborhood with an HOA, you may be unfamiliar with some crucial terms that every community association member should know. From governing documents to your fiduciary duties, you’ll get the most from your time in a community association by familiarizing yourself […]

5 HOA-Approved Holiday Decor Tips

Holiday decorations are an integral part of the holiday season, as they make the winter feel more festive and cheery. Aurora residents of many different faiths come together during this time of year to put out holiday lights and celebrate as a community. From a single string of lights to full winter wonderlands, every household […]

5 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer in Your Neighborhood

As Tacoma residents recover from their Thanksgiving feast and begin to get into the Christmas spirit, many HOAs organize social gatherings, toy drives, and other events to help spread holiday cheer within the community. The holiday season is a time for people to come together and celebrate friends, family, and neighbors alike, so spreading holiday […]