Trusted Partners Program

Good for the vendor and good for the community.

Our Trusted Partners program is not only a risk management and quality assurance product for our client community associations, but it is also a business development and cost savings program for our vendors. That's what we call a "win, win". The impact of this program is readily apparent to our clients and vendors alike.

Our Trusted Partners program is much more than being ‘added to the vendor list’. The Management Trust's better vetting process only accepts vendors who deliver high quality services, in a cooperative manner, for a fair price into our program.

The benefits for the vendor are palpable in three ways. First, Trusted Partners have the greatest opportunity to bid on services and most Trusted Partners experience a much higher win rate based on this status. Second, we provide a $2,500 client satisfaction guarantee for work performed by our enrolled vendors. And third, our full contractor liability insurance coverage is provided to you at a lower than market rate for work completed in Trust communities, helping your bottom line smile.

Bringing together great vendors with HOAs that need their services is essential in fulfilling our mission to create the best community associations in the country. If you’re a service provider looking to grow your business volume and reduce overhead, then the decision is easy. Become a Trusted Partner.