4 Benefits of a Community Management Portal

The world is in the throes of a technological revolution, with the demand for online access to information skyrocketing even further in the last two years. Community associations throughout the country are meeting the demands of their residents through convenient upgrades like a community management portal, and Tacoma, WA HOAs are no different. 

If your community association isn’t yet utilizing an online portal, consider these four significant benefits and speak with your community association management company about implementing one.

1. Quicker Response Times

An online community management portal is enormously beneficial for any maintenance requests or emergencies. With an online portal, residents can quickly and easily report any maintenance issues to the association and track the progress of their tickets. It also makes it easier for the HOA to track all ongoing issues and update homeowners on their progress. 

Rather than having to flag down a board member on their way to work, homeowners can log issues in a couple of minutes from any device and go on with their day — a feature that many residents will greatly appreciate.

2. Instant Data Access

People everywhere increasingly want instant access to as much information as possible — including HOA account information. With a community association management portal, homeowners can instantly view their payments owed, due dates, project updates, and more. 

Seeing their account information and any association-related bookkeeping at a glance will increase resident satisfaction and improve communication between your board and your residents. It can also drastically decrease the number of phone calls and emails your HOA or HOA management firm will receive on a daily basis from residents since their questions can largely be answered by information found in the portal.

3. Convenient Payment Options

One of the most significant benefits of an online community management portal is the option to pay any dues instantly online. This is a huge draw for residents as it streamlines the process and takes much less time than paying in-person or via mail. 

HOA leadership will also love the convenience because all payments will be received instantly and can be easily recorded and organized — no more lost mail or piles of envelopes to be sorted through.

4. Greater Communication

Incorporating social tools into your community management portal can improve communication in your neighborhood and help residents become more bonded. Forums, community calendars, meeting notes and recordings, or general neighborhood updates are all great community management portal features that can bring residents together and open up discussion. 

It will prevent homeowners from feeling out of the loop and help avoid misunderstandings between residents and HOA leadership.

A community management portal is an essential tool for any modern community association. From improving communication to cutting down time spent on administrative duties, it’s beneficial for residents and HOA leadership alike. If you need help maintaining your portal or if you’re not sure how to start creating one, a professional HOA management company can help you with all that and more. Call The Management Trust at (253) 472-0825 or fill out our online contact form today to learn about our full range of community association management services. We’ve been one of the nation’s leading HOA management firms for more than 30 years, and we’d love to help your Tacoma, WA community thrive as well.