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The Difference Between HOA Management and Property Management

We receive a lot of inquiries from people looking for property managers in Tacoma, and we hear the terms “HOA management” and “property management” used interchangeably. However, community association management and property management are not the same. If you’re starting the search for a reliable Tacoma HOA management company, it’s crucial that you know the […]

The 4 Most Common HOA Complaints & How to Handle Them

Neighborhood disputes are unavoidable in any Aurora, Colorado community. From trash schedules to noise complaints, if one lives next to someone long enough, odds are that there will be an issue or two that arise over time. Most issues between neighbors can be settled quickly on their own, but sometimes some issues will be escalated […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home in an HOA

Purchasing a home is always a big and exciting step in anyone’s life. When considering properties, it’s always important to be well-informed so that you can make an educated decision that allows you to enjoy your Tacoma home rather than worrying about factors that didn’t come up during the home-buying process. If you’re considering a […]

A Guide to Reopening Your HOA Amenities During COVID-19

COVID-19 and its resulting country-wide restrictions have brought about a constantly evolving struggle between economic interest and public safety. Officials at the city, county, state, and federal levels are all facing a unique challenge in posing COVID-19 restrictions, and these safety guidelines have changed many times over the past year as case numbers have fluctuated. […]

Homeowners Associations vs HOA Community Managers

Effectively running an Aurora community association can be a significant challenge, and each community has its own approach on how to handle the rigors of the job. For many community residents, there’s often some confusion regarding the role of their homeowners’ association and the services of an HOA management company, and how both factor into […]

5 Ways to Welcome New HOA Board Members

Welcoming a new board member to your HOA board can be an exciting but daunting process from both perspectives. With so much to learn, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to make it a pleasant experience for the new member. If you have a new HOA board member in your […]

Why Your HOA Board Should Consider Online Voting

Many aspects of daily operations have changed in 2020, including our ability to meet with other people face-to-face. This has been a change that’s greatly impacted community associations throughout the country, and The Management Trust has aided our communities in navigating these changes as they come. One aspect of HOA living that has had to […]

Top Questions to Ask an HOA Management Company

For homeowners associations in Tacoma, Washington, selecting the right HOA management firm can be a tricky process. The options can seem endless and the experience overwhelming. However, HOAs can avoid this trouble by being inquisitive and informed. The process of selecting the HOA management firm that best fits your community begins with asking the right […]

Understanding Your HOA Board’s Code of Ethics

If you reside in an HOA community in Aurora, Colorado, knowing and understanding each community’s unique set of rules, and guidelines can be challenging. Your HOA’s board members are there to support and guide you, but how do you know what to expect of them ethically? With a culture that not only focuses on but […]