4 Reasons Text Messaging Will Benefit Your Community Management

Communication is the backbone of any well-run Tacoma, WA community. As an HOA board member, your day primarily consists of communicating, coordinating and delegating, so finding the quickest and most effective methods of communication is crucial. 

Most community management has now turned to SMS messaging for communicating with residents, as it elicits a response up to three times faster than email. In fact, texting is now used across approximately 73 percent of the real estate industry.

If you want to optimize your day-to-day communications and build better communication channels between board members and residents, consider these four reasons why text messaging will benefit your community management.

Notify Members of Important Community Updates

Text messaging is a highly effective way to communicate important community updates with your residents. Texts are received much more quickly and are more likely to be read than emails or portal notifications.

Whether your amenities will be closed, construction will be ongoing in part of the neighborhood, or HOA office hours have changed, texting is a quick way to communicate time-sensitive notices. They can also be utilized during natural disasters or other community events to warn residents and gauge neighborhood safety in a timely manner.

Quickly Collect and Answer Resident Inquiries

Funneling residents’ questions and complaints through texting will help increase resident satisfaction and reduce your team’s workload. By being able to instantly send their question or complaint to community management, residents will have instant gratification and will be more satisfied with their experience overall.

In addition, you can set up automated responders that answer frequently asked questions, so your team can cut down the amount of time they spend responding to inquiries. If your team doesn’t have the time or knowledge to answer all resident questions, your HOA management firm may be able to assist and provide responses.

Keep a Record of Member Communications

When dealing with any bureaucratic or legal process, it’s always important to have things in writing. By utilizing text notifications rather than calling or emailing, you can quickly see how many attempts have been made to contact a homeowner, when those attempts were made, and what was said.

This is particularly useful when attempting to collect overdue fees or resolve community issues. For help accessing these features of your SMS software, contact your HOA management firm.

Build A Communications Strategy with Trusty

It’s vital that you establish and maintain open lines of communication between the HOA and its residents to improve the overall quality of life. The faster you can respond to resident inquiries and resolve any issues, the happier everyone will be.

If you’re seeking an SMS communications solution for your community management, The Management Trust is proud to have further elevated its community management services with the introduction of Trusty, a smart text-messaging helper that provides a convenient way to get answers to basic homeowners association inquiries.

With Trusty, homeowners can receive community notices, manage payments, submit maintenance requests and more right from their phone, 24/7. No waiting on hold and no having to leave a voicemail.

If you want smarter community management services, look no further than The Management Trust. We’ve been industry leaders for more than 30 years, with more than 1,500 communities served nationwide. To learn more about our full range of community management services for Tacoma, WA HOAs, call The Management Trust at (253) 472-0825 or fill out our online contact form today.