4 Tips for Establishing a Well-Functioning HOA Board

Many Aurora, Colorado, homeowners find it incredibly rewarding to serve as a member of their community association management board because it fosters just that: community. With so many unique perspectives and voices in the mix, your Aurora homeowners association board can come to a collaborative compromise that best serves your residents’ interests. However, sometimes having multiple personalities in a position with such responsibility can result in differences of opinion. When that happens, consider these tips to encourage harmony and smooth collaboration in your HOA board meetings.

1. Follow Your Governing Documents

Whenever any decision is made, it’s essential to consult your HOA’s governing documents to ensure that members follow the proper protocols and guidelines. This is often the case when new and enthusiastic board members who want to immediately make changes to the community join the HOA board. While new ideas and enthusiasm for the job are fantastic, all suggestions must fall within the pre-established rules and guidelines outlined in your community’s documents. The governing documents are also a good resource for impartial, factual information that can help make more objective decisions when emotions are charged. If there’s a disagreement between members, consult the bylaws for clarity on the best course of action. If you’re still stuck, ask your HOA management firm for guidance.

2. Make Sure Everyone is Heard

In an environment with multiple viewpoints and spirited debate, it is crucial to practice patience, careful listening, and understanding. No one likes to be talked over, passed over, or blown off, so treat your HOA board members with the same consideration that you’d like them to show you. Remember that each board member wants what’s best for the community; although everyone may have different communication styles, the end goal is the same. Take time to listen to everyone and make sure that every member feels heard. If there is a conflict or misunderstanding, take time to ask more questions to better understand another member’s viewpoint. Going the extra mile to listen to everyone will encourage better collaboration and foster better relationships between board members.

3. Always Be Transparent and Professional

Although your board members are your neighbors and maybe even your personal friends, remember that this is a professional environment that requires transparency and respect. Avoid conservations about board meeting matters outside of the meetings, and keep all discussions on-topic and professional. Voice your opinions in a respectful manner, and never let your personal feelings about a board member sway your decision-making regarding community matters.

4. Turn to Your HOA Management Company for Advice

If conflicts can’t be quickly resolved within your HOA board, ask your community association management company for assistance. As professional people managers, they can offer advice about handling community decisions with conflicting personalities present and even mediate specific issues. Your HOA management firm can ensure that any ongoing communication between members is clear and respectful to help mitigate current problems and prevent future ones from occurring. 

Serving on your community’s HOA board can be incredibly rewarding, but it also has its unique challenges. Just as in any other aspect of life, you must put aside personal feelings and conflicts for the betterment of your Aurora, CO, community as a whole. If your board is having communication issues and could benefit from the assistance of a professional community association management firm, reach out to The Management Trust today. We’re available at (303) 750-0994, or you can fill out our online contact form, and one of our employee-owners will get back to you shortly.