5 Maintenance Plans Your HOA Should Have

Having in place several maintenance plans is a necessary practice for any homeowners association in Tacoma, Washington looking for sustainable long term success. Maintenance and repair are crucial components for any community seeking to promote a productive and safe environment for its residents. As a leading HOA management company across over 1,500 neighborhoods nationwide, we at The Management Trust know there are numerous approaches to maintenance that homeowners associations should be aware of when considering their options. Here are five maintenance plans that your HOA should have. 

Preventive Maintenance Plan

Preventive maintenance plans are a commonly used strategy by homeowners associations. These plans are proactive in nature and involve HOAs regularly managing and maintaining the various common areas of its community even prior to them even requiring any repairs. This is done to ensure that untimely repairs of common areas and components do not occur. An example of this type of plan in action is HOAs regularly scheduling pool maintenance. HOA management companies like the The Management Trust can help communities formulate preventive maintenance plans that are both proactive and productive. 

Predictive Maintenance Plan

Like preventive plans, predictive maintenance is a proactive approach that requires forward-thinking. It relies on forecasting and anticipating possible areas of concern and maintaining them prior to them needing required repairs. This is done by regular inspections of components and observing if any of them exhibit problematic signs that may hint towards future malfunction. If any issues are detected then the HOA would then address the problem through maintenance. 

Emergency Maintenance Plan

The theme of effective maintenance plans is preparation and readiness. Emergency maintenance plans are unique as they consist of actions taken after a disastrous event such as a roof collapse. With emergency maintenance plans, HOAs account for steps that need to be taken in the aftermath of an event that requires repairing. The Management Trust is a proactive HOA management firm that will collaborate with communities to create an effective plan to readily address any emergencies that may arise. 

Seasonal Maintenance Plans

Seasonal maintenance is a preventative strategy that involves planning scheduled maintenance that differs based on the needs of a season. In certain communities, snow removal services may be required during winter while warmer seasons may need different maintenance. Seasonal maintenance plans account for the various issues that may arise with the changing of seasons.

Deferred Maintenance Plan

Deferred maintenance plans should only be considered by HOAs when there are restraints to financial spending. These plans involve prioritizing maintenance needs and deferring less important tasks for later repair. Components and areas that are vital to the safety of residents should not be deferred. HOA management firms like The Management Trust account for the unique needs and circumstances of each community and are able to formulate the right plan for them.

A functioning and thriving community is one that is well-prepared with several HOA maintenance plans established. Not only are these plans financially beneficial, they are also essential for a fruitful environment for residents. If you’re looking for a reliable and forward-thinking HOA management company that will help you planout scheduled maintenance, then The Management Trust is the right partner for you. For further consultation about our services contact us online by filling out an informational form or through one of our many offices.