5 Security Measures to Keep Your Community Safer

Residents’ safety and wellbeing is the top priority of any HOA and community association management firm. Tacoma homeowners want to feel secure inside their own homes, and there are steps that both residents and HOAs can take in order to ensure that the neighborhood stays as safe as possible. Here are five simple security measures that HOAs & HOA community management services can implement to keep their community safer. 

  1. Install Gates, Cameras, & Other Small Security Measures

One step that many HOAs implement from initial development is the inclusion of exclusive gated access. Having gated entrances with secure codes helps minimize the risk of unwanted intruders in the neighborhood. However, this is not a foolproof way to keep out trouble, so additional security measures such as motion lights and 24/7 security cameras can help thwart attacks and catch any crimes that are committed.

  1. Encourage Homeowners to Take Precautions

Security isn’t just achieved at the HOA level. Individual homeowners need to do their part to deter criminals as well. Have your community association management firm or HOA board members send out an email with tips for protecting their home. Make sure residents check that all windows are locked, all doors (including the garage door) are closed and locked, and all car windows are rolled up. Intruders look for easy access, so making your home as inaccessible and challenging to enter as possible will help keep away any trouble. You should also advise homeowners in your neighborhood to install video doorbells, such as Ring. These devices are affordable and easy to install, and they’ll help keep the whole neighborhood safer by making it easy to catch and report suspicious activity.

  1. Coordinate a Neighborhood Watch

Another way to get homeowners involved in protecting the community is by organizing a neighborhood watch. This can mean anything from organizing nightly patrols to simply having homeowners be more alert of suspicious activity. If residents know who their neighbors are, what cars they drive, and usual traffic patterns, then they’ll be able to report anything that may raise a red flag. Being able to identify and report suspicious activity quickly will help to deter potential criminals more effectively.

  1. Hire a Private Security Company

If it’s within your HOA’s budget, speak to your community association management firm about hiring a private security company. Private security will help better protect your residents by cataloging and restricting who has access to your community through gate attendance or catching criminals in the act through routine patrols. What level of security your HOA has the funds for will vary greatly, but any kind of dedicated security force will go a long way in keeping your community safer.

  1. Build a Strong Relationship with Local Law Enforcement

Despite your best efforts, it is still possible that a home in your community may be breached. If this occurs, it’s important to have a good relationship with local law enforcement. Cultivating a personal relationship with your local police chief or sheriff and supporting police events will establish goodwill and earn you appreciation that you can utilize for any emergencies later down the line. Having a clear line of communication already established will also help save time and confusion in the event that you do need emergency assistance from local police.

If you’re looking to implement additional security measures for your Tacoma HOA, The Management Trust’s community management services can help you. Turn to our trusted vendors list to find a private security service that will go the extra mile, or speak to our team about recommendations for common and effective HOA security measures. As the HOA community management experts, we have a wealth of knowledge that your board can utilize in order to optimize your community’s security plan. Give us a call today at (253) 472-0825 to find out more.