5 Ways to Engage Residents During Social Distancing

It’s been more than four months since Aurora homeowners were first encouraged to social distance, and many people across the country are anxious to enjoy the company of their friends and neighbors once more. Although it’s still as important as ever to follow current COVID-19 guidelines, including social distancing, homeowners associations and their HOA management firms are finding new and exciting ways to engage residents while keeping everyone safe and healthy. If your HOA is in need of ideas for homeowner engagement, consider these five fun ways to bring your community association together.

  1. Organize a community food drive

There are many families struggling during this uncertain time, and encouraging residents to do their part to make a difference can help bring everyone together over the act of giving. Organize a community food drive to help lift homeowners’ spirits. They can drop off canned goods and other non-perishables at your community center or a designated board member’s front door and donate to a good cause while social distancing. Making people feel connected will do wonders for engaging residents and raising their spirits. 

  1. Create a digital activity calendar

If you want to get creative and engage even the youngest members of your community, create a digital activity calendar that residents can participate in. Organize trivia nights, virtual Bingo, scavenger hunts, movie nights, and more. Create a sense of community and camaraderie amongst residents while offering fun and engaging ideas that can be executed from the safety and comfort of each resident’s own home. 

  1. Host virtual fitness classes

If your HOA has had to close down its gym due to COVID-19, or if you’ve noticed a significant decrease in usage, host virtual fitness classes for your residents. Hire an instructor to stream classes that can range from yoga or Zumba to spinning or free weights. There are a wide range of physical fitness exercises that can be performed at home, so giving residents access to free fitness classes will engage residents and help make up for the closed fitness amenities.

  1. Encourage safe outdoor activities

Although it may not be safe to open high-risk amenities such as pools and gyms in your area, open air amenities such as parks and bike paths can be safely enjoyed if the proper precautions are taken. Encourage residents to don masks and enjoy a hike, bike ride, or other outdoor activity with their family. Getting out of the house and enjoying some fresh air will boost residents’ moods and allow them to enjoy the neighborhood. 

  1. Throw a (social distancing) block party

There’s nothing that brings communities together like a block party. Organize a socially distant block party by encouraging residents to bring their barbecues, folding chairs, and speakers into their front yard to enjoy a delicious meal during a warm summer evening with their neighbors. Since everyone stays in their own yard, social distancing guidelines are adhered to while residents still get to soak in the camaraderie of a neighborhood get-together. 

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