5 Ways to Welcome New HOA Board Members

Welcoming a new board member to your HOA board can be an exciting but daunting process from both perspectives. With so much to learn, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to make it a pleasant experience for the new member. If you have a new HOA board member in your community, here are a few ways to optimize the onboarding process and welcome them with open arms.

1. Allow time to get acquainted

The first thing you should do when welcoming a new member to your HOA board is set aside time to get to know them. No one likes entering a room where they’re the odd man out. Go out of your way to create a warm and welcome environment where the new member can get to know the entire board on a personal level. Especially in larger communities, not all residents may know one another, so this is a good time for introductions and casual conversations.

2. Create & share an orientation packet

It’s inevitable that every new board member will need hands-on training, but you can make the onboarding process more efficient by creating a welcome packet that can be shared with new board members. This packet can include past meeting minutes, community association management reports, and governing documents. Giving this board member a clear view of your recent activity will allow them to get up to speed in a way that will minimize disruptions for you and maximize the chances of understanding for your new board member.

3. Set up a Q&A session

The new board member will likely have plenty of questions about the role, so set up a Q&A session that allocates time for them to ask those questions. You can set up a Q&A with the new board member and the entire board, or schedule a time for the new member to speak with the board member they’re replacing. This will allow them to ask questions, pick up tips, and learn more about the transition process. In turn, this will give your board the opportunity to ask any questions of the new member, such as what interests they have within the community, what their time commitments are, or anything else that you feel will help you decide what roles and responsibilities they would best suit.

4. Get them involved on day one

Although you want to give your new member time to get settled and learn the ropes, you don’t want to leave them twiddling their thumbs. New board members are often excited to dig in once they’re elected, so assigning them new projects and committees from the get-go will help sustain their momentum and encourage them in the role. Plus, many people learn by doing, so getting a practical introduction through real community projects will help the new board member learn the ropes and adjust to the pace more quickly than days or weeks of merely watching and listening.

5. Introduce them to your community association management company

Just as you introduced your new board member to the other community members, you should also introduce them to your community association management firm. They can likely help your new board member become acquainted with the demands of the job as well as the day-to-day operations they undertake. They can become familiar with ongoing maintenance projects, trusted vendors, and more. Onboarding can be a tedious process, but utilizing your HOA management company in orienting the new addition will save valuable time and help your board member become more familiar with the community operations more quickly.

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