How To Create an Emergency Preparedness Plan with Your Community Association Management

As the leaders of your Tacoma, WA HOA, your board is responsible for resident safety in case of an emergency. This can include a natural disaster, an accident within the HOA, or a crime. 

Whatever the cause, emergency preparedness is a crucial aspect of community association management. If you still need to develop a comprehensive safety plan for your community association, follow these four steps for maximum preparedness. 

Create an emergency committee

One of the biggest keys to safety preparedness is having a dedicated plan and a clear leader assigned to execute that plan. In the chaos of an emergency, it should be clearly pre-established who is responsible for taking charge.

This is why we recommend creating an emergency committee. This committee should consist of several board members, depending on the size of your HOA, and the committee will be responsible for designing an effective emergency plan. To create an effective plan tailored to local needs, speak to your residents about their thoughts as well as local communities that have already developed emergency preparedness plans of their own.

Identify an emergency action team

Having an emergency committee to help conceptualize the plan is imperative, but you’ll also need to find out who can be most effective in helping residents in the moment. 

Ask for volunteers who may have skills that will be useful in an emergency. Find out where any firefighters, police officers or EMTs live in your HOA and loop them into your emergency plan so they know how to be most effective when disaster strikes.

Determine a disaster budget

In the case of a natural disaster or other emergency, there will almost always be costs incurred as a result. From rebuilding exterior damage to helping support residents, you should be prepared with the answers to financial questions that inevitably arise following a disaster. If you’re not sure where to start, consult with your community association management firm.

Consider questions such as:

  • What responsibilities does the HOA have in response to a disaster?
  • What resources need to be obtained to prepare residents?
  • Are there vendors in place to help rebuild after an emergency?
  • How much of the budget should be reserved for disaster relief?

Communicate your disaster plan to association members

The effectiveness of an emergency preparedness plan relies almost entirely on your HOA residents being familiar with the plan and what to do in case of an emergency. To communicate your disaster plan to residents, work with your community association management firm to create an emergency guidebook for each household to reference.

In addition to the guidebook and initial communication efforts, we recommend creating an automated message detailing the plan that can be implemented on the HOA voicemail system quickly when disaster hits. When an emergency occurs, many homeowners will call the HOA’s main line to report an issue, find out what happened or learn what to do next. This automated message will help keep homeowners safe without requiring staff to answer the phones.

If you want a community management partner that always puts your residents’ safety and happiness at the forefront, look no further than The Management Trust. We’ve been an industry leader for over 30 years, with more than 1,500 communities served nationwide. To learn more about our full range of community management services for Tacoma, WA HOAs, including disaster preparedness assistance, call The Management Trust at (253) 472-0825 or fill out our online contact form today.

How To Establish a Sensible Budget for Your Community Association Management

Being on the board of an Aurora, CO HOA is a big responsibility, and one of the largest and trickiest responsibilities to manage is community association budgeting. Calculating your budget for the year has a direct impact on homeowners: estimate too high, and you’ll have to raise monthly dues, frustrating your residents – but estimate too low, and you’ll have to impose special assessments for important projects down the road, also frustrating your residents.

Building a responsible and, most importantly, accurate community management budget can be a tricky task, but it’s doable with the right tools. If you want to make sure you can achieve balance between keeping fees low and covering all projected costs, consider these three tips for successful HOA financial management.

Identify your board’s budgeting philosophy

HOA boards tend to approach budgeting in one of two ways: they either choose a fixed amount for monthly dues and calculate how to manage within that budget, or they choose the management and service style they most desire and discover what that will cost in monthly dues.

While both of these styles can work if handled properly, setting a fixed value for monthly dues can cause more significant issues down the road. Keeping dues low will keep residents happy in the short term, but it may not align with the realities of your HOA management needs and can lead to higher special assessments.

The recommended pathway is to envision the type of community that you want to maintain and the service level you strive for. Then, determine the cost of achieving that objective. While this may cause dues to increase initially, it will guarantee higher resident satisfaction in the long-term and will set up your HOA management for success.

Prioritize protecting property values

The main purpose of a community association is to protect and increase property values within that community. With that in mind, protecting property values should be the top priority when setting your annual budget. 

To achieve this, set aside numbers at the outset and ask your board what aspects of the HOA drive property values. While the benefits of every community association are slightly different, common considerations include landscaping, amenities, perimeter fencing, street maintenance, community events and exterior home appearances.

Focus on these unique benefits, consider how you can implement or improve them to drive property values, and then calculate what these maintenance projects are projected to cost. This will allow you to optimize your budget, prioritizing the items that will earn the most immediate return on investment.

Evaluate your budget line-by-line

Your budget should be evaluated with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that every expense is necessary and justified. Recurring costs that no longer serve residents’ needs can add up to substantial amounts that unnecessarily drive up monthly dues.

Review your budget line-by-line and discuss the cost of services. Consider which amenities need a complete overhaul or replacement, and consider which vendors you can negotiate fees with. Just because you’ve paid a certain amount in the past for specific services doesn’t mean you need to continue paying that same amount. You may be able to eliminate the service altogether, depending on resident needs, or you may be able to renegotiate a price with a long-term vendor.

Whether you need full-service community management services or only HOA financial management, The Management Trust is here to help. We’re proud to be the country’s premier HOA management company, providing more than 1,500 communities nationwide with 24/7 community management. If your board members are overwhelmed and need assistance with the day-to-day responsibilities of community association management, we can help you handle everything from vendors to bookkeeping. To learn more about how The Management Trust can help your Aurora, CO community thrive, give us a call at (303) 750-0994 or fill out our online contact form today.

3 Facts About Community Management Services You Probably Didn’t Know

Tacoma, WA HOAs and HOA management firms work in tandem to make your community association the most enjoyable neighborhood possible for all residents. However, there can sometimes be confusion over who does what when it comes to these daily tasks. 

The responsibilities and functions of a community management company are entirely different from those of the HOA board, so it’s important to know what services your community management company can and will provide. Here are three lesser-known community management services that can take some responsibility off the plate of your HOA board members.

1. HOA Management Firms Provide Guidance, But Not Final Decisions

Your HOA community management company is a great resource for anything you want an expert opinion on. From recommending vendors to offering advice on board decisions, your management team is there to support your efforts and improve the overall well-being of your residents.

However, your HOA management firm will not make any executive decisions on your community’s behalf. Community management services are intended to help you handle day-to-day operations so your board can focus on the bigger picture. All rules, guidelines, and community decisions are made exclusively by the board members; HOA management firms are in place to help you execute those decisions and advise when necessary.

2. HOA Management Companies Brainstorm Community-Building Opportunities

While HOA management companies are immensely valuable in handling day-to-day functions, they also have the ultimate goal of improving your residents’ quality of life. This includes brainstorming creative ideas for bringing your community closer together.

Every HOA management firm’s goal is to create a community you love to live in and that other homeowners want to buy into. To bring this vision to life, community management services can include brainstorming ways to improve amenities, hosting neighborhood events and implementing initiatives that encourage interactivity between neighbors. 

A good community management company should be fun and creative to make your community as inviting, welcoming and appealing to potential buyers as possible.

3. HOA Management Companies Provide Financial Services

Managing an HOA’s accounting can be a very intensive process, and it often falls on the shoulders of a volunteer board member to handle these tasks. They can take hundreds of hours, and accuracy is crucial to the operation of your community, so HOA financial management is no small matter.

Luckily, HOA management firms like The Management Trust offer comprehensive HOA financial management services such as statement organization, record keeping services, fund management, collection services, vendor billing, budget preparation, audit coordination and more.

HOA financial management is included in The Management Trust’s full-service management program, but it’s also available independently to HOAs who only need financial services. With a team of experts specialized in HOA accounting, HOA management firms can help protect your association from liability and ensure your accounting is always thorough and accurate.

If you want a community management partner dedicated to building a community you love through whatever means necessary, look no further than The Management Trust. We’ve been an industry leader for over 30 years, with more than 1,500 communities served nationwide. To learn more about our full range of community management services for Tacoma, WA HOAs, including HOA financial management, call The Management Trust at (253) 472-0825 or fill out our online contact form today.

How To Set Appropriate Expectations With Your HOA Management Firm

Clear expectations and open communication are imperative for a good relationship with your Aurora, CO community management company. However, setting those expectations can be difficult if you’re not entirely sure what HOA management firms should be doing for your association. 

If you want to ensure that you’re getting the full value of your management services contract and avoiding any future misunderstandings with your HOA manager, it’s important to understand these three aspects of community management and why they’re important.

HOA Management Firms Are an Agent of Your HOA

Legally, your community management company is an “agent of the corporation,” meaning they’re authorized to act on your behalf as a hired third party. An important thing to note when it comes to this relationship is that the ultimate decision-making power lies with the HOA and its board of directors, never the HOA management company.

HOA management firms don’t have the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of the association. Decisions are exclusively made by the HOA board, and the HOA management company then carries out those decisions in day-to-day operations. However, your HOA management company can give you professional guidance or advice if the board is struggling to come to a decision or lacks knowledge in a certain area. 

HOA Management Companies Are a Resource for Homeowners

There is a common misconception that HOA management companies are “on the board’s side” in disputes since they’re hired by the HOA board. However, HOA management companies are hired to serve the homeowners just as much as the board members, if not more so. 

The purpose of a community management company is to help improve the quality of life for all residents – HOA management firms are a resource and an advocate for homeowners as well as the board of directors.

If a homeowner has an issue with their association, HOA management firms should encourage the resident to share their unfiltered feedback so they can help solve the problem or properly address it with the board.

Improve Access to Information Through Tech Resources

Implementing tech resources such as a board portal, resident portal, e-newsletter, website and more will be hugely beneficial for you, your residents and your HOA management firm.

Residents often have questions regarding one thing or another, and community management companies are always happy to answer any resident inquiries. However, residents often prefer instant access to answers, so having a website with an FAQ or a portal where they can submit questions will be appreciated by all. This also frees up your community manager to focus on other tasks that more urgently require their expertise. If your HOA hasn’t yet taken full advantage of available technological resources, hiring an HOA management company is a great time to do so for everyone’s benefit.

The Management Trust is proud to be the country’s premier HOA management company, providing more than 1,500 communities with 24/7 community management. If your board members are overwhelmed or want to spend more time doing the things they love, we can help you handle everything from vendors to bookkeeping. To learn more about how The Management Trust can help your Aurora, CO community thrive, give us a call at (303) 750-0994 or fill out our online contact form today.

How To Best Prepare Before Hiring an HOA Management Company

Finding the proper community management for your one-of-a-kind Tacoma, WA HOA can be demanding, especially if it’s your first time seeking community management services.

Every HOA community management company has its strengths and weakness, and some are certainly better than others, so it’s essential to take the time to find the community management firm that’s right for you. Before hiring your next HOA management company, consider these four factors to secure the best management firm for your needs.

Know Why You’re Seeking an HOA Management Company

Before you begin interviewing potential HOA management firms, it’s essential to understand why you’re seeking community management services and what you’re looking for exactly. 

Are you lacking clear leadership? Are there communication issues within the community? Are administrative tasks slipping through the cracks? The problems you’re looking to address will help formulate the questions you ask each candidate, so be clear in what you’re looking for and why.

Asking about these specific areas will help you narrow down your options to those that will most effectively implement positive change for your community.

Create a Scope of Work

Approach each potential HOA management firm with a clear scope of work that outlines what responsibilities and duties you want them to take on. 

Being clear about the community management services you’re seeking will help you narrow down which companies offer the services you’re seeking. Doing so will also allow each firm to create a proposal that includes all the services you require.

Pay Attention to the Details

Once you’ve begun narrowing down potential HOA management firms, hone in on the small details that can help you discern whether they are likely to meet your needs.

For example, do they reply to all emails or other communications quickly? Are they always friendly and patient? Are they honest about their strengths and weaknesses?

You should also contact references and read third-party reviews to get a more objective opinion of their services and capabilities. Every company will paint itself positively, but honest resident opinions can go a long way in accurately informing you of the HOA management firm’s true capabilities.

Think About the Long Term

Hiring an HOA management company can, in many ways, mimic hiring a new employee. Not only do you want to be confident in their technical skills, but you also want to verify their commitment to your company, their enthusiasm for work, and even their culture fit so you can make the best decision for the long run.

Don’t be afraid to ask pointed questions during the interview process to help you decide whether or not an HOA management company is right for your association. You can ask technical workflow questions such as what types of internal tracking mechanisms they have in place, and you can ask broader, culture-oriented questions such as what their management philosophy is. 

Whatever you need to know to make the best long-term decision for your community association, don’t hesitate to ask while you have the chance.

If you want a long-term community management partner that genuinely cares about your HOA and offers comprehensive community management services, look no further than The Management Trust. We’ve been an industry leader for more than 30 years, with more than 1,500 communities served nationwide. To learn more about our full range of community management services for Tacoma, WA HOAs, call The Management Trust at (253) 472-0825 or fill out our online contact form today.

The 4 Most Common Problems for New HOA Board Members and How to Solve Them

New board members to your Aurora, CO HOA are undoubtedly valuable assets that bring fresh, creative ideas to your team. While introducing these new members can be exciting, they can also bring a few challenges as they settle into the new role.

When onboarding new members, here’s how to face four common community management challenges head-on with the help of your HOA management company.

1. Understanding Roles

All board members work together to create fair and objective decisions. Sometimes, new board members may enter their new roles thinking of the power and authority. 

While the collective board is responsible for making important community decisions, no single board member can act alone. This prevents one member from being a judge or jury of other residents. 

The community’s governing documents provide the foundation and come above all personal opinions and judgments. Remind your new board member that while they should enjoy their time as a board member, everything is a group decision made for the good of the entire community.

2. Not Being Familiar with the Governing Documents

Although bylaws and CC&Rs dictate virtually every aspect of HOA living, most community residents will not be intimately familiar with these details. Your newest board member may not be aware of the essential guidelines dictating board decisions. 

Ensure that all new board members have thoroughly read and are extremely familiar with your community’s bylaws, governing documents, and CC&Rs. This will help ensure that all community management decisions are well-informed and non-biased, preventing unhappy residents or potential legal action.

3. Lacking Engagement

Earning engagement and participation from your residents can be difficult, especially if you’re a new board member. Some residents may not be aware of community happenings, while others may not care or have the time to attend.

To increase engagement rates and get your neighbors involved, offer fun and interactive community events such as block parties, movie nights, and pool parties. Most of all, be sure to communicate! Blast emails, text messages, and newsletters are a great way to get the message out – it may lead to finding your next board member!

4. Juggling All of Their Duties

Board members have many new and exciting responsibilities that come with their position. However, these duties are in addition to the daily responsibilities that many community members already have, such as work, schooling, or childcare. 

Some new board members may be initially overwhelmed by the added tasks and may struggle to juggle everything effectively. Work with your board members and a qualified HOA management firm like The Management Trust to help your new members adjust to the added responsibilities and create a schedule that works for them as much as possible. 

You can also give your HOA community management company more day-to-day operations tasks so board members have fewer responsibilities to juggle. With HOA management firms like The Management Trust, board members can spend more time with friends and family while the community continues running smoothly for all residents.

The Management Trust is proud to be the country’s premier HOA management company, providing more than 1,500 communities with 24/7 community management. If your board members are overwhelmed or want to spend more time doing the things they love, we can help you handle everything from vendors to bookkeeping. To learn more about how The Management Trust can help your Aurora, CO community thrive, give us a call at (303) 750-0994 or fill out our online contact form today.

4 Reasons Text Messaging Will Benefit Your Community Management

Communication is the backbone of any well-run Tacoma, WA community. As an HOA board member, your day primarily consists of communicating, coordinating and delegating, so finding the quickest and most effective methods of communication is crucial. 

Most community management has now turned to SMS messaging for communicating with residents, as it elicits a response up to three times faster than email. In fact, texting is now used across approximately 73 percent of the real estate industry.

If you want to optimize your day-to-day communications and build better communication channels between board members and residents, consider these four reasons why text messaging will benefit your community management.

Notify Members of Important Community Updates

Text messaging is a highly effective way to communicate important community updates with your residents. Texts are received much more quickly and are more likely to be read than emails or portal notifications.

Whether your amenities will be closed, construction will be ongoing in part of the neighborhood, or HOA office hours have changed, texting is a quick way to communicate time-sensitive notices. They can also be utilized during natural disasters or other community events to warn residents and gauge neighborhood safety in a timely manner.

Quickly Collect and Answer Resident Inquiries

Funneling residents’ questions and complaints through texting will help increase resident satisfaction and reduce your team’s workload. By being able to instantly send their question or complaint to community management, residents will have instant gratification and will be more satisfied with their experience overall.

In addition, you can set up automated responders that answer frequently asked questions, so your team can cut down the amount of time they spend responding to inquiries. If your team doesn’t have the time or knowledge to answer all resident questions, your HOA management firm may be able to assist and provide responses.

Keep a Record of Member Communications

When dealing with any bureaucratic or legal process, it’s always important to have things in writing. By utilizing text notifications rather than calling or emailing, you can quickly see how many attempts have been made to contact a homeowner, when those attempts were made, and what was said.

This is particularly useful when attempting to collect overdue fees or resolve community issues. For help accessing these features of your SMS software, contact your HOA management firm.

Build A Communications Strategy with Trusty

It’s vital that you establish and maintain open lines of communication between the HOA and its residents to improve the overall quality of life. The faster you can respond to resident inquiries and resolve any issues, the happier everyone will be.

If you’re seeking an SMS communications solution for your community management, The Management Trust is proud to have further elevated its community management services with the introduction of Trusty, a smart text-messaging helper that provides a convenient way to get answers to basic homeowners association inquiries.

With Trusty, homeowners can receive community notices, manage payments, submit maintenance requests and more right from their phone, 24/7. No waiting on hold and no having to leave a voicemail.

If you want smarter community management services, look no further than The Management Trust. We’ve been industry leaders for more than 30 years, with more than 1,500 communities served nationwide. To learn more about our full range of community management services for Tacoma, WA HOAs, call The Management Trust at (253) 472-0825 or fill out our online contact form today.

What Do You Need to Know Before Updating Your HOA’s Governing Documents?

Governing documents are a critical part of any Aurora, CO community association. Comprised of the community’s bylaws, rules and regulations, and CC&Rs, your governing documents set out all of the rules and guidelines for each resident of the community, including board members. 

The governing documents are established as soon as the neighborhood has completed construction, even before residents move in. As a result, you may find it necessary to update your governing documents after some time to better accommodate the practical needs of residents. 

However, updating your governing documents can be a tedious and complicated — although necessary — process. Before you move forward with updating your HOA’s governing documents, talk to your HOA management firm about what you need to know to do it right.

The Requirements for Updating Your Documents

Before moving ahead with any changes, you’ll need to fully understand what requirements need to be met to legally implement changes. For example, you may need a supermajority to vote in favor of changing the governing documents. 

If there are members of your board that have experience reading legal documents, you can create a dedicated sub-committee whose job is to review the existing governing documents and chart a path for amending them. In tandem with your community management firm, they can identify what rules are in place, what is required to amend them, how they should be amended, and what the next steps are.

What Your Community Needs

Once you know what’s required to amend your governing documents, you’ll need to know what precise changes you want. The governing documents should be changed only when it benefits your community as a whole, so staying in tune with residents’ needs and desires is critical.

Pay attention to resident suggestions, resident complaints, use of common areas and amenities, housing trends, and more. You can also consult your HOA management firm, as they’ll have valuable insight into what other local communities are doing to improve resident satisfaction and quality of life.

How to Communicate Changes with Residents

Amendments to the community’s governing documents affect every single resident within your HOA, so it’s important to ensure that all changes are transparent and communicated clearly. Explain why you’re changing the governing documents and how the proposed changes will benefit the community members.

Your community management services team can help you create a strategy for clearly and effectively communicating changes to every member of the neighborhood. You can also invite participation from members and have them weigh in on the proposed changes before solidifying them.

How Community Changes are Implemented

Keep in mind that changing your community’s governing documents can be a lengthy legal process. It’s advised that you consult your HOA management firm and community attorney to ensure that everything is done promptly and without error. HOA management companies will also liaise between your board and your attorney, so you can reduce the amount of time spent on the legal process and spend more time focusing on your residents.

If you need to amend your community’s governing documents but are unsure how to proceed, let The Management Trust guide you. We’re one of the country’s premier HOA management companies, providing more than 1,500 communities with 24/7 community management, including HOA financial management. To learn more about how The Management Trust can help your Aurora, CO community thrive, give us a call at (303) 750-0994 or fill out our online contact form today.

4 Benefits of a Community Management Portal

The world is in the throes of a technological revolution, with the demand for online access to information skyrocketing even further in the last two years. Community associations throughout the country are meeting the demands of their residents through convenient upgrades like a community management portal, and Tacoma, WA HOAs are no different. 

If your community association isn’t yet utilizing an online portal, consider these four significant benefits and speak with your community association management company about implementing one.

1. Quicker Response Times

An online community management portal is enormously beneficial for any maintenance requests or emergencies. With an online portal, residents can quickly and easily report any maintenance issues to the association and track the progress of their tickets. It also makes it easier for the HOA to track all ongoing issues and update homeowners on their progress. 

Rather than having to flag down a board member on their way to work, homeowners can log issues in a couple of minutes from any device and go on with their day — a feature that many residents will greatly appreciate.

2. Instant Data Access

People everywhere increasingly want instant access to as much information as possible — including HOA account information. With a community association management portal, homeowners can instantly view their payments owed, due dates, project updates, and more. 

Seeing their account information and any association-related bookkeeping at a glance will increase resident satisfaction and improve communication between your board and your residents. It can also drastically decrease the number of phone calls and emails your HOA or HOA management firm will receive on a daily basis from residents since their questions can largely be answered by information found in the portal.

3. Convenient Payment Options

One of the most significant benefits of an online community management portal is the option to pay any dues instantly online. This is a huge draw for residents as it streamlines the process and takes much less time than paying in-person or via mail. 

HOA leadership will also love the convenience because all payments will be received instantly and can be easily recorded and organized — no more lost mail or piles of envelopes to be sorted through.

4. Greater Communication

Incorporating social tools into your community management portal can improve communication in your neighborhood and help residents become more bonded. Forums, community calendars, meeting notes and recordings, or general neighborhood updates are all great community management portal features that can bring residents together and open up discussion. 

It will prevent homeowners from feeling out of the loop and help avoid misunderstandings between residents and HOA leadership.

A community management portal is an essential tool for any modern community association. From improving communication to cutting down time spent on administrative duties, it’s beneficial for residents and HOA leadership alike. If you need help maintaining your portal or if you’re not sure how to start creating one, a professional HOA management company can help you with all that and more. Call The Management Trust at (253) 472-0825 or fill out our online contact form today to learn about our full range of community association management services. We’ve been one of the nation’s leading HOA management firms for more than 30 years, and we’d love to help your Tacoma, WA community thrive as well.

What Are Effective Ways to Recruit People to Your HOA Board?

The success of your Aurora, CO community association is mainly dependent on your HOA board. Made up of volunteer community members, your HOA board works alongside your HOA management company to run the day-to-day operations of your neighborhood and make the more significant decisions about how your community is run and what its rules are. 

As residents move, retire, have kids, and go through other life changes, you may find yourself in need of additional board members. However, not all residents are aware of the possibility of becoming a board member, what it entails, or when you’re looking for new members. 

If you want to recruit new, reliable community members to become HOA board members, here are four effective ways to start the search.

1. Recruit In-Person

How often have you deleted an email or scrolled past a social media post from your HOA without reading it or giving it a second thought? With so much content for residents to digest online, it’s easy for your virtual recruitment efforts to be missed or ignored. 

Try recruiting in person to grab residents’ attention and set your efforts apart. At your next community meeting, make an appeal to the residents and put a face to the name to make your board’s needs more real for the attendees. 

2. Be Specific

When recruiting — whether in-person, online, or via print — be specific about what your board is looking for. A vague and general “join us” to “apply for the board” will likely get overlooked or ignored. 

Instead, offer specific traits that you’re seeking, which is likely to stand out to residents with those traits and draw their interest. Give people specific reasons why they should join and what they can contribute. Eventually, qualified residents will begin to respond to your message.

3. Consider Unhappy Residents

The initial instinct for anyone is to search for residents who love their neighborhood and have no qualms. However, unhappy residents can also bring tremendous value to the board. 

These residents likely have things they want to improve about the community — things which many others in the neighborhood likely also want to change. Having someone who sees the weaker areas of your HOA and has ideas for improving them is a major attribute, even if they may not seem like your dream candidate at first glance. 

However, you should run these candidates by your HOA management company first to ensure that their concerns can be addressed and bring legitimate improvement.

4. Show Off Your Board’s Accomplishments

People like to be part of a successful organization, so don’t be afraid to advocate for your board or committee’s accomplishments. Show residents what improvements your current board has put into action, and let them know that they can be a driving force in similar improvements in the future. Additionally, think about what traits made that board’s initiatives successful and seek these traits out in a new recruit.

If your board has too much on its plate, turn to an industry-leading HOA management firm like The Management Trust to help you vet applicants. With more than 1,500 communities nationwide, The Management Trust offers the resources of a national corporation with the personal touch and care of a local service. Whether you need HOA financial management or conflict resolution, we can handle it all for your Aurora, CO HOA. To learn more about how The Management Trust can help your community thrive, give us a call at (303) 750-0994 or fill out our online contact form today.