How to Find the Right Landscaping Vendor for Your HOA

One of the biggest appeals of a homeowners association is the well-kept landscaping. A neighborhood with high curb appeal is likely to maintain its value, which is why many Aurora, Colorado, homeowners choose to live within an HOA. As such an important part of your community association’s value, finding the right landscaper is imperative. If you’re searching for the perfect landscaping service for your homeowners association, follow these steps to ensure that you’re hiring only the best.

Check Certifications

The number one step to hiring a landscaping vendor is verifying that they’re licensed and insured. Any landscaper that doesn’t have the proper certifications should be eliminated from your short-list immediately, as a lack of proper licensing and insurance could leave your HOA board liable for any property damage they cause. Check local and national certifications with trade associations like the National Association of Landscape Professionals, as well.

Collect Referrals

Online reviews are a great start to verifying a landscaping company’s quality of work, but try to collect referrals from other HOAs in the area to verify that the company can handle your community’s unique needs. Contact community associations of similar size and with similar landscaping requirements, if possible, to get a feel for their professionalism and whether they can perform the duties required of them.

Value Communication

Time is money, so make sure that your landscaping vendors are communicative and responsive to all of your inquiries quickly. The last thing you want to do is track down your landscaper because you have overgrown plants and long, unruly grass. Punctuality, professionalism, and communication are key components of a high-quality landscaping service, so try to gauge these based on your initial interactions with the company.

Compare Different Vendors

Don’t settle for the first landscaping company that meets the basic criteria. Collect quotes from several different vendors and compare them. Compare pricing, response times, reviews, quality of work, years in business, and other factors to ensure that you’re choosing the cream of the crop for your community association and its residents. 

Verify That They’re a Trusted Vendor

It can be hard to know where to start when searching for a new vendor, but The Management Trust’s Trusted Partners Program makes it easier. This list of vendors is vetted by The Management Trust to ensure that they cooperatively offer high-quality work for a fair price. If you want a no-stress quality assurance program that takes all of the hard work and risk out of vendor sourcing, allow The Management Trust HOA management company to do the work for you with our Trusted Partners Program.

Hiring an HOA management company like The Management Trust makes life easier for both board members and residents. We can verify and recommend trusted vendors, handle HOA financial management, and coordinate resident requests. Our top priority is ensuring the happiness and well-being of your community, and protecting the value of your Aurora, Colorado, neighborhood. If you’d like more information about community association management services or our Trusted Partners Program, give us a call at (303) 750-0994 or fill out our online contact form today.