How To Improve Community Communication and Streamline HOA Management

There are endless benefits to living in an Aurora, CO, community association, including resident connectedness and high-quality community management. However, keeping residents up-to-date about changes, rules, announcements and other important matters can prove challenging for many HOAs.

To ensure that your residents always feel connected and well-informed, it’s essential to have effective communication strategies in place. Here are five simple ways HOAs can improve their community communications and streamline their HOA management to keep all residents up-to-date.

Make Sure Contact Lists Are Updated

It’s important for HOA boards to have accurate contact lists so they can reach all of their residents. If your lists are out-of-date, you could be wasting resources sending emails or phone calls to residents who have since moved or who have updated their contact information.

It’s always a good idea to review and verify your residents’ contact information yearly. This includes having up-to-date legal names, email addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. It’s also useful to have a physical mailing list so residents can receive printed materials when necessary.

Don’t Spam Residents

Once you have up-to-date contact information, make sure you don’t abuse it. It’s easy to get carried away keeping residents updated on all the goings-on in your community, but receiving too many communications could irritate residents and even lead them to request being left out of future communications.

Everyone has a different preference for the amount and frequency of communications they receive, so there’s no general rule to follow. However, try to avoid sending more than one email a week unless there’s an emergency. A monthly or bi-weekly newsletter is generally appreciated by residents. Send additional emails for time-sensitive issues that could impact residents, but find a balance to avoid going over the top.

Make It Easy to Read

When sending emails, newsletters and other materials, ensure they are easy to read and understand. Use plain language, and avoid jargon and acronyms whenever possible. This will make it easier for residents to understand what’s going on and take action if necessary.

It’s also helpful to have large-print materials for elderly residents or those with sight difficulties. Bullet points and charts also help make information easier to digest and more accessible for all.

Utilize Resident Web Portals

Many community associations now use web portals to allow residents to access important information such as meeting minutes, financial reports and other documents. They serve as a great central point of information and can provide residents with non-urgent updates in lieu of emails or other direct communication.

Web portals are also a great way to implement messaging between residents and their HOA leaders and HOA management firm. Web portals allow residents to submit permit requests, maintenance notices, and any other inquiries at their convenience and without flooding the HOA’s phone lines.

Be Responsive

No matter what tools you utilize to communicate with your residents, it’s important to not only communicate clearly but also be responsive and open to feedback. This means responding to resident inquiries in a timely manner and remaining open to suggestions and ideas.

Establishing and maintaining open lines of communication between the HOA and its residents is vital to improving the overall quality of life. It helps create an atmosphere of trust and engagement among residents, which is essential for any successful HOA. The faster you can respond to resident inquiries and resolve any issues, the happier everyone will be.

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