How To Set Appropriate Expectations With Your HOA Management Firm

Clear expectations and open communication are imperative for a good relationship with your Aurora, CO community management company. However, setting those expectations can be difficult if you’re not entirely sure what HOA management firms should be doing for your association. 

If you want to ensure that you’re getting the full value of your management services contract and avoiding any future misunderstandings with your HOA manager, it’s important to understand these three aspects of community management and why they’re important.

HOA Management Firms Are an Agent of Your HOA

Legally, your community management company is an “agent of the corporation,” meaning they’re authorized to act on your behalf as a hired third party. An important thing to note when it comes to this relationship is that the ultimate decision-making power lies with the HOA and its board of directors, never the HOA management company.

HOA management firms don’t have the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of the association. Decisions are exclusively made by the HOA board, and the HOA management company then carries out those decisions in day-to-day operations. However, your HOA management company can give you professional guidance or advice if the board is struggling to come to a decision or lacks knowledge in a certain area. 

HOA Management Companies Are a Resource for Homeowners

There is a common misconception that HOA management companies are “on the board’s side” in disputes since they’re hired by the HOA board. However, HOA management companies are hired to serve the homeowners just as much as the board members, if not more so. 

The purpose of a community management company is to help improve the quality of life for all residents – HOA management firms are a resource and an advocate for homeowners as well as the board of directors.

If a homeowner has an issue with their association, HOA management firms should encourage the resident to share their unfiltered feedback so they can help solve the problem or properly address it with the board.

Improve Access to Information Through Tech Resources

Implementing tech resources such as a board portal, resident portal, e-newsletter, website and more will be hugely beneficial for you, your residents and your HOA management firm.

Residents often have questions regarding one thing or another, and community management companies are always happy to answer any resident inquiries. However, residents often prefer instant access to answers, so having a website with an FAQ or a portal where they can submit questions will be appreciated by all. This also frees up your community manager to focus on other tasks that more urgently require their expertise. If your HOA hasn’t yet taken full advantage of available technological resources, hiring an HOA management company is a great time to do so for everyone’s benefit.

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