Qualities Every Great HOA Board Member Should Have

Every Aurora homeowners association is unique, and so, too, are the board members representing it. Having a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds enables your board to best represent such a diverse group of homeowners. However, there are several qualities that all strong HOA board members will have in common.

  1. Leadership Skills

As a community association board member, you’re a leader of your community. To be entrusted with this responsibility, you must display clear leadership skills such as positivity, responsibility, and the ability to clearly and effectively communicate. A strong leader also knows that they don’t know everything. An HOA board is composed of several different community members that must all work together, so being able to graciously defer or delegate to others who may have more relevant skills is a sign of a good leader and a great HOA board member.

  1. Love of Community

Being an HOA board member means dedicating a substantial amount of time and hard work to improving your neighborhood. This kind of commitment is no small task, so any homeowners association board member should love their community and want to attend every meeting and community event that they can. 

  1. People Skills

One of the biggest aspects of being a board member is growing relationships with your neighbors. Whether it’s providing answers to a community member’s HOA-related question or just chatting with the family next door, consistently providing positive interactions will build trust and personalize your community’s leadership. If residents know and like their HOA board on a personal level, disputes will be easier to resolve and your community will be a more enjoyable place to live overall.

  1. Honesty & Integrity

As an elected official, HOA board members are being trusted by their community members to represent their best interests. However, you also need to be able to abide by local laws and restrictions, even if you don’t agree with them. Balancing these responsibilities requires someone who is always honest and fair. Strong personal integrity will help you to navigate the difficult decisions that sometimes need to be made as an HOA board member. 

  1. Ability to See the Big Picture

The HOA board is constantly working to improve their community for the future, and this often includes making long-term plans for the neighborhood. As a board member, you should be able to visualize the growth of your community and the hypothetical plans needed in the coming years to make this happen. It’s always important to focus on the present-day issues, but working to bring future goals to fruition is just as important for community success.

  1. Ability to Ask for Help

All good leaders, no matter how knowledgeable, should be able to ask for help when they need it. No one can do everything themselves, and sometimes even the full HOA board can be limited in what they can accomplish without assistance. Utilizing HOA community management services is a great way to reach your community’s full potential. Consulting an expert on any matterwhether it’s legal, financial, or managerial—will give you a unique perspective from a trained professional and help your community operate more successfully in the long run.

If your Aurora community association is in need of community management services, consider The Management Trust. As the only 100% employee-owned HOA community management firm in the country, we offer a unique perspective that puts individual community members at the forefront of everything we do. Your community’s success is our top priority, and we’ll always do everything in our power to help your Aurora neighborhood grow. If you’d like to find out more about our community management services, give us a call today at (303) 750-0994.