Spooky Season Has Arrived — Here Are 4 Community Management Tips to Remember

Spooky season has officially arrived, and community associations throughout Aurora, CO are getting ready to celebrate with trick-or-treating, costumes, parties, haunted houses and all the spooktacular festivities one can imagine.

While some frights are all part of the Halloween fun, others can verge on violating HOA guidelines. In order to keep Halloween safe and fun for residents of all ages, work with your HOA management firm to implement these tips that will help ensure the holiday is fun for everyone.

1. Host a Community Event

Halloween, like most holidays, is an ideal time to host a community event that brings residents together. Have your board review your budget, ask your social committee to brainstorm ideas, and work with your community management company to execute a fun and safe holiday event.

Popular HOA Halloween event ideas include a neighborhood haunted house, block party, costume contest, trunk-or-treat tailgate, scary movie night and pumpkin carving contest. Hosting an event can not only help make sure that residents have a fun and safe holiday, but it also brings neighbors together and boosts camaraderie.

2. Remind Residents About Decoration Guidelines

Halloween, much like Christmas, is a holiday that homeowners love to decorate for. From cotton cobwebs to full-scale haunted houses, everyone has a vision for their home around Halloween, and it’s your job to remind homeowners that your HOA has guidelines surrounding home decor.

Circulate a notice ahead of October 31 that gently reminds homeowners of your community’s guidelines. Include recommended decorations as well as decor that isn’t allowed, such as flashing lights, sound effects or whatever your HOA board deems inappropriate. Consult your governing documents for these guidelines, and offer a point of contact if homeowners have any questions about what is and isn’t permitted.

3. Create Trick-Or-Treat Safety Precautions

While Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday beloved by kids of all ages, it can also be one of the more dangerous holidays due to the nature of trick-or-treating. Even if you’re hosting a community event, kids like to go door-to-door around the neighborhood, so make safety a priority within your community association.

Encourage common safety precautions such as bringing a flashlight, wearing reflective clothing, and chaperoning any minors. Precautions should also be taken by those who aren’t trick-or-treating, such as adults driving through the neighborhood at night. Take these factors into consideration when crafting your Halloween safety notice.

4. Encourage Homeowners to Remove Decor Promptly

Once the festivities are over, many homeowners may return to their busy daily routines and forget about the pumpkin sitting on their porch or the cobweb above their door frame. Rotting pumpkins, especially as Thanksgiving draws near, can detract from the neighborhood’s curb appeal, so gently remind residents that all decor must be taken down within the week.

The holiday season is one of the best times of year for bringing people together and creating a sense of community. As a community association, following these tips can help you do your part to enhance neighborly relationships and boost the value of your neighborhood. If you need help executing community events, distributing HOA communications or otherwise handling day-to-day operations, The Management Trust’s professional community management services can help. Give us a call at (303) 750-0994 or fill out our online contact form today to learn more about the full range of HOA community management services we offer in Aurora, CO.