The 4 Most Common HOA Complaints & How to Handle Them

Neighborhood disputes are unavoidable in any Aurora, Colorado, community. From trash schedules to noise complaints, if one lives next to someone long enough, odds are that there will be an issue or two that arise over time. Most issues between neighbors can be settled quickly on their own, but sometimes some issues will be escalated to the HOA board if you live in a community association. Here are a few of the most common complaints you’ll likely receive as an HOA board member and how to best handle them.

1. Noise

By far the most common complaints in community associations are noise complaints. From parties late at night to incessant yard work, there are numerous reasons a property could spark noise complaints. To help avoid these complaints, set a specific time that residents must quiet any loud noises or turn down the music, such as after 10 p.m. Having this curfew or designated “quiet time” will set clear guidelines for residents and help avoid disagreements over what (or at least when) noise is deemed excessive.

2. Pets

Another common concern among HOA residents is neighborhood pets. Whether a resident has an overly aggressive pet or their dog is barking late into the night, animals can be a point of contention for many neighbors, both in and out of HOAs. Set clear rules about picking up pet waste, where pets need to be leashed, and how many pets are permitted in one household. Make sure to apply these rules strictly and uniformly, and take the time to investigate aggressive animal behavior complaints as thoroughly as you can to ensure fair rulings.

3. Home Exteriors

HOAs are desirable for homeowners because it gives them peace of mind that their neighborhood will be well-kept and property values will remain high. In order to maintain this standard of living, virtually all community associations have rules about the appearance and upkeep of home exteriors within the community. If one neighbor appears to be in violation of the rules and their home’s exterior looks worse for wear, you’ll likely start to receive complaints from community residents. Common violations include overflowing trash cans, unkempt lawns, overdue holiday decorations, or even offensive signage. The best thing to do in this situation is to be proactive and issue a notice of violation to the homeowners before the complaints start flowing in. 

4. Illegal Activity

Of course, not all resident complaints are mere nuisances. Sometimes you’ll receive reports of illegal activity being conducted in your community association, from gambling to drug use. Encourage homeowners to file a complaint with the community association management if they issue anything that could be a threat to the health and safety of community members, including harassing or discriminatory behaviors as well as criminal activity. 

If you want to spend less time resolving neighbor disputes and more time focusing on your Aurora community’s big picture, you’ll benefit from an HOA management firm. Community association management companies handle the nitty-gritty of daily operations, from vetting vendors to collecting dues, so you can spend more time on the important stuff. They also serve as a reliable consultant for financial and legal matters, so you can reduce your liability when navigating tricky neighbor disputes. If you’d like to find out more about HOA management companies such as The Management Trust and exactly how we can benefit your Aurora community association, give us a call today at (303) 750-0994 or fill out our online contact form