Three HOA Management Tools Provided by The Management Trust to Make HOA Living Easier

Managing your Tacoma, WA community association may often feel like a full-time job — and that’s because it is! From financial management to resident conflict resolution and everything in between, running an HOA is no easy feat, which is why many boards opt to hire a professional HOA management company like The Management Trust. However, even with an HOA management firm, there are steps you can take to make your life even easier as a board member and allow you more time to get out and enjoy the community you live in. With advancing technology, useful management tools provided by leading HOA management firms like The Management Trust are must-haves for Tacoma HOAs in need of greater transparency and improved communication.

1. Community Website

In this day and age, every company and organization should have a modern, user-friendly website. A community website can be especially beneficial for community associations because it can keep residents updated on all the latest happenings in the neighborhood, creating transparency and acting as the first line of defense against any resident questions. By offering a clear and easy-to-access source for information, your residents can have their questions answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with little to no effort from you or other board members. Your website can include amenity hours and rules, community guidelines, governing documents, architectural guides and permits, event announcements, board meeting minutes, HOA management company contact information, and more. By creating a single source for all of this information, you can free up your board members while still providing residents with the answers to all of their questions.

2. Member Portal

If you want to take it a step further, you can create a member portal on your website that allows residents to log into their accounts and handle administrative tasks such as paying dues and fines, updating contact information, reviewing the status of a work order, and more. This allows tasks to be completed at the residents’ leisure and without requiring the immediate action of a board member or community employee. Streamlining this and making administrative tasks more efficient and convenient for residents will increase satisfaction and give board members more free time to focus on other, more important issues.

3. Board Portal

An online portal exclusively for community board members is also a valuable tool for helping your HOA run more efficiently. This portal can give board members access to important documents such as CC&Rs, financial records, vendor invoices, previous meeting minutes, work orders, architectural applications, and much more. Although some states require that all governing documents be available in paper form, most modern HOAs also make these documents available digitally for easier access. 

If your board feels overwhelmed and wants to make their HOA living easier, professional community management can be a lifesaver. In addition to equipping your community association with all of the digital tools it needs to succeed, we’ll also help run the day-to-day operations of your HOA so your board has more free time to focus on the bigger picture. If your community association could benefit from a professional HOA management company, call The Management Trust at (253) 472-0825 or fill out our online contact form today. We’ve been one of the nation’s leading HOA management firms for more than 30 years, and we’d love to help your Tacoma, WA community thrive as well.