Tips for Running a Successful HOA Board

Serving on an HOA board can be very rewarding. Being able to listen to the opinions and perspectives of your fellow board members can be a positive experience, but it is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. Achieving optimal operation of your Tacoma, WA, HOA board requires all its members to work together to create an environment that fosters growth, communication, and mutual appreciation. While it’s inevitable that there will be differences in your board, here are some tips on how to ensure the success of your HOA board.

Ensure Everyone Feels Heard

It’s no secret that most HOA boards will have a diverse array of personalities. This often results in an equally diverse amount of opinions flying around during meetings. When this occurs, it’s important to encourage healthy dialogue with the goal of looking out for the best interests of the community. Keep an open mind when hearing the opinions that differ from your own and actively listen to each board member’s concerns. Never be dismissive of someone’s ideas or opinions; instead, ask for further clarification to help you better understand the issue at hand. 

Refer to Your Governing Documents

There may be cases in which major decisions need to be made, leaving little to no room for personal opinion and speculation. In these cases, it is best to let your community association’s governing documents help make the decision for you. These documents were created to serve as an objective resource when addressing pertinent issues within your HOA. In addition, your governing documents may have important information regarding state laws and regulations that may come into play with the decisions your HOA board has to make. If your Tacoma HOA board is having trouble understanding the verbiage found in these documents, it’s recommended to reach out to an experienced community association management company such as The Management Trust to help you make sense of it all.

Always Be Respectful and Transparent

The best-run HOA boards are those that prioritize respect and transparency amongst their members. It can be very easy for small misunderstandings to turn into large arguments when personal feelings get in the way of objective decision-making. To avoid this issue, make sure to encourage open communication during your board meetings and stay away from having board-related issues outside of your meeting times to prevent gossip and further discord. Always remember that no matter what decisions need to be made, none of them are personal; so make sure you maintain impartiality and professionalism at all times.

Check-In with Your HOA Community Management Company

If all else fails and you find yourself in a difficult situation, reach out to a seasoned HOA community management company to lend a hand. Employees of an excellent community association management company are properly trained in managing people and their needs, making them experts in giving insight and support when needed. Some of the community management services you and your board can get help with include:

  • Assigning a community manager who will prioritize the needs of your community
  • Making sure board members are on the same page and encouraging open communication
  • Mediating internal conflicts if necessary
  • Creating proactive and creative ways to bring different personalities together 

Creating a harmonious and productive HOA board can prove to be exciting, yet challenging. Save yourself time and stress by contacting the experts at The Management Trust to handle all of your HOA management needs in Tacoma, Washington. Our team of employee-owners has successfully communicated important issues with homeowners associations throughout the country, and they are more than willing to do the same for you. If you are ready to take the next step in community management services, contact us today to see how we can help.