Tips to Prepare Your HOA for the Summer with COVID-19 Changes

Now that most U.S. adults are vaccinated and COVID-19 restrictions have, for the most part, been lifted, Tacoma residents are itching to get outside and enjoy the summer they missed last year. However, COVID-19 is still present and will be around for quite a while. With this in mind, it’s important that Tacoma community associations prepare for the summer with appropriate safety measures in place. Here are a few tips to help your HOA prepare for a safe and fun 2021 summer.

Communicate clearly with your residents

COVID-19 and its associated restrictions are constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay in touch with your residents and communicate any changes with them. Make your current restrictions clear via email blasts, printed newsletters, and clearly placed signs throughout common areas. Make sure to update these as the circumstances change, so everyone is fully aware of what is expected of them in public spaces.

Continue virtual events

Where possible, continue hosting association meetings and other gatherings online instead of in person. This mitigates any risk of transmission and ensures everyone feels comfortable, whether they’re vaccinated or not. Avoiding any risk of large, unmasked crowds will make your job easier and make your residents feel more at ease in their neighborhood.

Manage crowds

If you do choose to have in-person events at your community association, implement a strict capacity limit and keep the gatherings small. Look at your local legislation to see what the current permitted capacity is, and do not permit large indoor gatherings where residents may be maskless. Masks should be required where it’s reasonable, especially for non-vaccinated individuals, and all event participants should be comfortable with the environment and safety precautions. If you need help organizing COVID-safe events within your community, speak to your HOA community management representative for further assistance.

Continue safety & sanitation efforts

Although COVID-19 rates have declined, sanitation efforts should still be maintained. Regularly sanitize pools, athletic facilities, clubhouses, office spaces, and any other shared areas within your community association. A resurgence in cases could happen at any time, and regularly sanitizing common areas could help significantly reduce that risk in your community. Sanitation still benefits the community association by preventing the transmission of other illnesses, so regardless of COVID-19, these practices are good ones to have in place. Your community association management firm can assist you with coordinating these efforts to make them more efficient and effective.

COVID-19 is a new landscape for everyone, and so the future is still uncertain. While local guidelines have been lifted and things are looking up, it’s important to stay proactive and keep proper precautions in place to best protect your residents. HOA community management firms can help you stay on top of the latest local COVID-19 restrictions, implement safety and sanitation practices, and organize community events. For our full range of comprehensive HOA management services, including HOA financial management, call The Management Trust at (253) 472-0825 or fill out our online contact form today.