Top Benefits of Living in an HOA

Living in an HOA can sometimes be a polarizing topic, as some homeowners don’t understand the value it brings to their property. If you’re a Tacoma resident wondering what value living in an HOA has, consider these top benefits that make HOA neighborhoods some of the most desirable in the Tacoma area.

Access to Amenities

Condominiums, single-family residences, and other homes that belong to an HOA often have access to desirable recreational amenities that are hard to come by in other neighborhoods. Walking trails, sports fields, swimming pools, playgrounds, parks, and barbecue pits are just some of the many amenities popular in HOA neighborhoods. If you live in a homeowners association, part of your HOA dues go toward the running and upkeep of these facilities, and you have access to them as a community member. 

Reduced Maintenance & Upkeep

Outside of an HOA, you’re entirely responsible for the upkeep of your amenities, and you will need to source your own repairmen and vendors when issues arise. However, in an HOA, amenities such as the pool or gym are well-kept at all times. If you are partnered with a professional community management company, finding a reliable and trusted vendor is extremely easy. They will source, vet, and recommend vendors to your elected Board of Directors. This eliminates the need for random Internet scouring and gives you peace of mind that they’ll do good work that is HOA-approved.

Stabilized Property Values

One of the biggest reasons why residents prefer homes in an HOA is because homeowners’ associations are proven to stabilize home values and prevent domino foreclosures. Having well-kept common areas as well as strict home appearance rules means that property values will be more consistent. There’s no risk of a bad house on the block negatively affecting the rest of the neighborhood’s property value; in fact, this is one of the main reasons that HOAs were established. Protecting the value of your property is why HOA neighborhoods are so desirable and homes in them often sell for more than homes in a non-HOA community.

Dispute Settlement

Have you ever had an issue with a neighbor over a barking dog or loud parties? If you’re living in a homeowners association, your community management company will address these issues on behalf of your HOA and ensure that everything is resolved amicably and effectively. Having an official mediating party will not only discourage these issues in the first place, but it will help any neighborly issues get resolved as quickly as possible. 

Community Engagement & Bonding

HOAs often partner with their management company to host social events such as welcome parties for new residents or block parties for the holidays. These activities hosted by community associations encourage resident engagement and help you get to know all of your neighbors in a way that non-HOA homeowners rarely get to do. Fostering a sense of community is a big part of what makes HOA living so enjoyable for so many people. With an HOA there to take care of the big stuff, you can spend more time enjoying your neighbors’ company and sharing fun amenities that encourage socializing. 

If you’re a Tacoma resident searching for homes in community associations, don’t let the stereotypes and HOA fees scare you. Homeowners’ associations are an enormously popular living style because they foster a sense of community, create less work and concern for homeowners, and stabilize property values during times of economic concern. Community association management companies such as The Management Trust ensure that your community association runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing board members more time to focus on improving their communities. If you’re an HOA board member in search of an effective community association management firm, call The Management Trust today at (253) 472-0825. We promise to always listen to your HOA’s needs and react with exceptional customer service that always serves the best interest of your homeowners.