What Is the Best Way to Prepare Your HOA for Winter Snow Removal?

December and January are the snowiest months in  Aurora, CO, so it’s important that your HOA has a clearly established snow removal policy if you want your roadways to stay safe for all residents.

Cities will typically plow major public roads if enough snow falls, but homeowners in snowy areas know that this service is largely unreliable and often doesn’t extend to smaller neighborhood streets. That’s why it’s best to have an independent snow removal plan for the winter months.

Be proactive in arranging snow removal

By the time the snow has fallen, it’s likely too late to arrange for removal. Snow removal services can be booked weeks or months in advance in snow-heavy areas, and even if they have availability, their first glimpse of your property shouldn’t be when it’s buried in snow.

Instead, call your local snow removal service during fall or winter before the first major snowfall. This will allow their team to indicate the locations of curbs and driveways so the plow can maneuver through your neighborhood safely, accurately and effectively. Advance booking will also ensure that you get priority over last-minute calls when the snowstorm does roll in.

Have your landscapers clear walkways

Not only streets and parking lots need to be cleared of snow. Sidewalks and other pathways must remain safe for pedestrians, so work with your landscaping team to create a winter snow removal plan.

Most landscapers will offer snow removal and de-icing services during the winter when grass and other greenery no longer grows, so consult your landscaping vendor about your options. They can clear shared walkways, HOA amenities, and other community areas to prevent falls and injury.

Remind homeowners of their snow removal duties

In most community associations, homeowners are responsible for shoveling their driveways as well as the sidewalks in front of their homes. However, not all homeowners will remember this duty or perform it with urgency.

To avoid a pile of winter citations, send a friendly reminder to homeowners as winter sets in. In addition to refreshing their memory about which parts of their property they need to shovel, you can also recommend HOA-approved snow removal companies for them to utilize or share good deals on snow shovels and other gear.

Assist residents unable to shovel snow

Although homeowners have a responsibility to shovel the snow in front of their own property, you should give grace to homeowners who may not be physically capable of doing so. Most HOAs have elderly homeowners, new parents or residents with disabilities, and doing your part to accommodate their circumstances will go a long way toward member satisfaction.

To keep your HOA tidy, safe and well-shoveled, organize a help system that pairs homeowners unable to shovel with volunteers. You can also recommend a landscaper or snow removal service that they can pay to remove the snow for them. Ask your HOA’s landscaping vendor if there is any special pricing available for individual homeowners who may need their property shoveled for them.

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