3 HOA Community Management Tips for Finding Your Next Board Member

Board members are integral to the success of every Aurora, CO HOA. However, with the demanding position being a volunteer role, it can be challenging to find willing participants who are aware of the opportunity and eager to take on additional responsibilities and have enough time in their day-to-day lives.

Despite the challenges of HOA community management, you can find your next successful HOA board member by trying these three community management and engagement tips.

1. Identify Leaders Through Engagement

An effective way to identify potential community leaders is by getting to know each member of your HOA. While it may be impossible to get to know every single person, you can increase community engagement to begin establishing relationships with more community members.

Consider hosting casual meet-and-greets or other events where board members can establish rapport with community residents. Social events will not only boost resident morale, but they will also allow you to get to know community members in a more relaxed setting.

By getting to know residents in a more engaging manner, you can identify those who would make strong leaders and offer personal invitations to join the board. Often, it’s apathy and lack of knowledge, rather than staunch opposition, which causes people to resist the idea of joining their HOA board. By creating opportunities for in-person engagement, you can debunk any myths, inform residents and entice potential new board members.

2. Look to Frequent Contributors

You don’t always need to meet new residents to find effective board members. Often, those who’ve already shown interest in community happenings are the most likely to be receptive to becoming a part of your community association management.

Pay attention to those residents who regularly show up to board meetings, chair social committees, or are otherwise vocal about change within the community. If they show leadership potential and have valuable skills, they could be the ideal new board members you’ve been searching for.

3. Explore Your Personal Network

Similarly, search within your personal network for potential board members. Think about the community members you know, whether it’s a friend, neighbor or coworker. Do they have expertise that could be valuable to the HOA board? Think about neighbors with a financial background or those who are social and know how to effectively engage the community.

By extending a personal invitation, you can increase their chances of accepting the position. As mentioned earlier, lack of interest in board seats has more to do with apathy and lack of knowledge than anything else, so providing insight through the reference point of an existing personal connection can boost recruitment levels. If you know someone who would be a good fit for your HOA community management, highlight the benefits of the role and invite them to apply for the position.

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