4 Small (But Powerful) Changes Your Community Association Management Can Make

Do you want to improve operations for your HOA board, communication with residents, and overall quality of life in your Aurora, CO neighborhood? Consider these four small but powerful changes your HOA community management can make right away.

1. Implement mobile HOA management software

If you want to increase transparency between your HOA board and your community association management firm, ask them to implement real-time mobile management software that will create a digital paper trail.

Many companies have developed software specifically for community associations and HOA management firms, so your HOA management company or HOA board members can use them to record and track information such as maintenance requests and violation notices.

Utilizing real-time mobile software instead of paper-and-pen physical records allows your HOA management team to track information quickly and efficiently, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Creating greater transparency and accountability will make your relationship with your community association management company more productive and help ensure your neighborhood is more successful.

2. Digitize documents

In the modern era, all documents should be entirely digitized. Having filing cabinets of paper files is inefficient at best and a liability at worst, so take the time to digitize all documents and ensure that all documents are created in a digital format going forward.

Digitizing and organizing files will help operations move more smoothly, relieving a significant burden from board members and freeing up time for more critical day-to-day operations. It will also help reduce errors and eliminate missing information for a more productive and successful community association.

3. Create community communication platforms

Communication is the backbone of any community association. Whether it’s communication between an HOA and its residents or board members and their community association management firm, clear and efficient communication makes day-to-day life easier for everyone.

To streamline communication within your HOA, create an online community communication platform or member portal. Creating a single place for residents to file complaints, ask questions, pay dues, and more will help make sure everyone feels heard and is satisfied with their HOA living experience.

If you want to go the extra mile, ask your community management service to offer residents a 24/7 communication line, such as The Management Trust’s Text Trusty. Providing instant answers to residents is a valuable tool that will boost community satisfaction while reducing strain on your board members and HOA management firm.

4. Develop or update a community website

Similarly, you should have a community website that summarizes who your HOA is and what makes your neighborhood such a great place to live. A good website can act as a sales tool for potential residents and a digital resource for existing neighbors, making it invaluable in today’s digital landscape.

Make available important information such as amenity hours, project statuses, maintenance request forms, board meeting minutes and more. The more self-serve tools your HOA has, the fewer calls will be made to your HOA board and the more time board members will have for important daily operations.

If you want to implement more modern resources for your community members but you’re not sure where to start, contact The Management Trust today. We have a comprehensive range of community management services and a team of experts who can assist you in every aspect of HOA management. To learn more about how The Management Trust can help your Aurora, CO community implement innovative communication technologies, give us a call at (303) 750-0994 or fill out our online contact form today.