5 HOA-Approved Holiday Decor Tips

Holiday decorations are an integral part of the holiday season, as they make the winter feel more festive and cheery. Aurora residents of many different faiths come together during this time of year to put out holiday lights and celebrate as a community. From a single string of lights to full winter wonderlands, every household and neighborhood is beautifully diverse in how it chooses to celebrate the time of year and decorate its homes. While every HOA’s guidelines for holiday decorations are different, here are some decorating tips that will benefit most HOA residents and board members.

  1. Follow the Approved Timeline

Most HOAs will have a guideline for when it’s appropriate to put up and take down your holiday decorations. A common rule is to put them up no earlier than a month before the holiday and take them down no later than two weeks afterward. However, this can vary from community to community, so make sure that you carefully look through your HOA’s CC&Rs before the holiday season. You can also follow your board members’ lead and wait until they begin decorating their homes for the holidays. As HOA board members, they should closely adhere to the guidelines and set the example for the neighborhood when it comes to holiday decorating.

  1. Avoid Roof-Anchored Displays

Although most HOAs don’t want to be a Scrooge when it comes to restricting decorations, roof-anchored displays such as inflatable Santas are often not allowed due to the safety hazards they impose. These decorations can blow away if not anchored correctly, which creates a danger for the neighborhood.

  1. Be Mindful of Excessive Light and Noise

When it comes to HOAs, they often abide by the rule that less is more. In order to maintain aesthetic integrity and keep their neighborhoods enjoyable to reside in, there can be restrictions placed on noise-emitting decorations and the number of lights that can be hung. In order to avoid excessive lighting, most HOAs only allow a certain length of light strands, such as up to 200 feet. There may also be restrictions on when noise or holiday music can be emitted, such as from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Some HOAs may ban sound elements altogether. As always, make sure to thoroughly read your community guidelines before purchasing any holiday decor.

  1. Place Your Tree Wisely (Or Choose Pre-Lit!)

Fire hazards are a major risk during the holiday season due to decorative lights and flammable trees. If you purchase a real Christmas tree, be sure to choose one that is fairly flame resistant. Place it away from fireplaces, candles, radiators, and other potential fire hazards. Make sure that the tree stand is adequately filled with water at all times as well. Pre-lit Christmas trees are also a wonderful option, as they’re easier to set up, more environmentally-friendly, and less of a fire hazard than natural trees.

  1. Utilize Light Timers

Light timers are another excellent tool to utilize this holiday season, especially if your HOA has rules about what hours your Christmas lights are allowed to be on. You can program the timer to turn your lights on in the evening and turn off when you go to bed, so you don’t have to worry about doing it manually every day. There’s no more accidentally leaving lights on all day and night anymore.

No HOA wants to ruin Christmas cheer, but maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the neighborhood through this time of year means that restrictions will likely be placed on holiday decor. In order to avoid any penalty fines or other hassles this holiday season, be careful to read your Aurora community’s CC&Rs and follow these tips for HOA-approved holiday decor. If you’re an HOA board member seeking guidance in HOA community management, trust The Management Trust’s community management services to help you through the holiday season and beyond. We can assist you in a range of invaluable management services, including collecting and processing the decor non-compliance fees that run rampant during Christmastime. For more information about what we do or to request a proposal for your HOA, give us a call today at (303) 750-0994.