5 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer in Your Neighborhood

As Tacoma residents recover from their Thanksgiving feast and begin to get into the Christmas spirit, many HOAs organize social gatherings, toy drives, and other events to help spread holiday cheer within the community. The holiday season is a time for people to come together and celebrate friends, family, and neighbors alike, so spreading holiday cheer through your community is sure to help lift spirits and inspire joy. Here are five popular ways to spread the holiday spirit in your neighborhood.

  1. Organize a Toy Drive

The holidays are the season of giving, so what better way to spread cheer and do good than to organize a community toy drive? Partnering with charitable programs like Toys for Tots will inspire your neighborhood to get into the giving spirit and will create an even greater sense of community. Place a designated box in a community center or with a chosen HOA board member and encourage your fellow community members to give what they can in the spirit of the holidays.

  1. Host a Cookie Swap

One staple of the holidays is holiday cookies. Whether it’s creating gourmet treats or decorating sugar cookies with the kids, there’s a wide range of delicious treats that are part of almost every family’s holiday traditions. Organizing a neighborhood cookie swap will encourage people to spend more time with their own family baking cookies and will allow neighbors to mingle and get to know each other even better over a delicious plate of cookies.

  1. Decorate the Neighborhood

No matter how many activities you organize, nothing brings the holiday spirit like homes decorated with Christmas lights. Your HOA will most likely have guidelines instructing residents on what sort of decorations are permitted and how long they can be kept up. Make sure that you follow these guidelines strictly before you begin decorating, as you’ll be setting the example for the neighborhood as a board member. Once you’ve read over your community’s CC&R, break out the Christmas lights or offer to assist your neighbors to create even more holiday spirit.


  1. Create Some Friendly Competition

Once the lights have been hung and the cookies swapped, organize some friendly competition to engage community members and create excitement. From snowman building and ornament decorating to gingerbread house creating, there’s plenty of ways to excite kids and adults alike. Incentivize participants by announcing winners in the community newsletter or offering a small prize. Anything that brings the community together in an engaging way is sure to spread a bit of holiday cheer!

  1. Carol for a Cause

What’s more in the Christmas spirit than caroling? Caroling for a good cause! Gather a group of HOA community members and carol door-to-door raising money for a local charity. No matter how much or little you raise, lifting your neighbor’s spirits with joyous Christmas carols is sure to spread cheer through the community just in time for the holidays.

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